Indigenous Researchers

Many Knowledge Holders and Knowledge Makers have come before us. They share wisdom that can help us on our own journey into research. Please look at the quotes below and choose one to reflect on, or share your own quote from an Indigenous Knowledge Holder or Knowledge Maker that inspires you.

  1. Here are some quotes from Indigenous Researchers – which one inspires you and why? Or if you have your own Indigenous research quote why does it inspire you?
  • “On the other hand, if one starts from an Indigenous paradigm, then one can choose to use any tool from within that paradigm that may be effective” Wilson, 2008:39
  • “We know what we know from where we stand… …this writing comes from the heart, it comes from who I am and all that I am – nothing more, or less for that matter” Kovach, 2011:7
  • “To illustrate culturally responsive methodologies is to acknowledge the local histories, traditions and Indigenous knowledge systems that inform them” Chilisa, 2011:161
  • “Research is also purposive activity towards community good, rather than merely a good thing to do. It is pragmatic and is not a stand-alone activity, but one that is integral to the ways of life and practice of Pacific communities and influenced by these” Penetito, & Sanga, 2002:25
  • “If we as Indigenous people walk away from and disengage from the academy [it is] at our own peril given that the academy performs a vital societal role of producing the elite knowledge in society” Smith, G. in Kovach, 2011:89
  • Indigenous research “is both in contrast to and complementary with Western research models” Sauni, 2011: 54 


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